Do you need help? Do you have doubts about Aimost? We have prepared a selection of the answers to the most habitual questions that our clients are carried out.

You can start by reviewing the menu top of our website, there are links to the different sections of our website.

Besides being able to contact us via email, we recommend you to apply for a project our company make it through the form on the page "Get a Quote"

Yes. We not only develop sites or applications from scratch, but also take care of upgrading existing sites and adapt to new trends

No doubt that with the development of information technology and telecommunications we are in the Internet age. The network of networks today has come to change many aspects of our lives: how we communicate, how we learn, even how we shop. Internet is now a mandatory ideal platform for any business, no matter if it is a multinational an SME or a local business. In addition, the costs of internet marketing campaigns are really cheap when compared with traditional media; allowing small businesses to compete with large face to face.

When you contact our team depending on your budget we study the case and offer you the best options to help you get the best benefits in terms of the objectives of your business.

To be high on our website, we will contact you requesting the data needed to carry out your order.

We only work with CMS Wordpress, if you want another sistem in the backend of your web site, then we will use another programming language like Symfony or Laravel and the cost of the Web Site will be increased.

No. The projects developed by are designed so that once made can work hand anyone with basic computer skills and internet browsing, without having any advanced knowledge.

Not necessarily. Specialists team in this field can assist you in charge of the first steps to do things properly and focused to get the best results.

The technologies we use are forged with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript client-side and server-side PHP. By default we use in our solutions and frameworks based on free software tools.

The customer is the person who decides what type of content your site will have. Our team, on the other hand, can also advise telling what kind of content should value add based on the characteristics of your market.

A component of the application relates to a system element that provides a particular set of services or functionalities, via defined interfaces.

Need a server that meets the minimum requirements for technologies that were used in its development are fully operational. If our customers have a company that has their own servers, during the development of the project our team will tell you what features you need in your hosting. If the client wants to hire a hosting service and ask us, we take care to hire the best solution.

The development time of the project is difficult to calculate accurately. In this calculation influencing variables such as:

  • What is clear that the customer has their ideas of the web
  • he scope and complexity of the web site or application
  • The contents include

Depending on these factors and other more development time of a site can be both a matter of weeks to several months of development. Once the project presented and analyzed by our team of professionals, we let you know time customer development.

All payments are made through PayPal. We do not store any information regarding your credit card or PayPal account. Our website has been verified by Trust Online.

It depends. When the client contacts us via the quote form studied the project, depending on the level of complexity and development time is valued price.

The private data of our customers are handled with care and safely to achieve the proper operation of all our processes.

We guarantee the confidentiality of personal data and that they will not be disclosed to third parties. If you want more information, you can consult our Privacy Policy