CMS Aplications

A CMS or Content Management System is a platform that enables support for the creation and management of content on websites. On many occasions when the project needs to perform is studied as well as the ability to choose investment decided using a content management system to reduce project costs, time to market, as well as the advantages of this type of technology such as:

  • Ease of use for any end user without having programming knowledge or layout.
  • Dynamic management of users and services.
  • Ease of collaboration between multiple users in the same workplace.
  • Reducing the costs of information management.
  • Easy to upgrade, restructuring and site support.

In our company, when it decides to take a project using a CMS we prefer WordPress carry it out because of their particularities . This content management system is possible to obtain a stable product that can range from a simple blog to a corporate website or even more complex as it could be an online store, a portfolio or a multilanguage site applications. Some of the main benefits that make us confident in WordPress are:

  • Ease of use.
  • Excellent optimization for online marketing and search engine positioning.
  • A comprehensive database of Plugin that solve almost any function you want to add.
  • High performance at peak traffic.
  • Automatic Updates CMS.
  • Management of multiple users with different roles.
  • Open Source.

Currently, statistics indicate that 10 % of Web sites are developed with this CMS.


We have a wide range of programs to provide an efficient solution to the problems of our customers using advanced technologies services.

  • Custom Web Applications

    A web application is aimed at the automation of services or benefits of an enterprise platform , and which can be accessed Internet or intranet via or a web browser.

  • Migration to Web environments

    The lack of mobility and the high cost of both development and maintenance have made native and/or desktop applications are losing ground to the developed applications in web environments.

  • SEO Optimization

    The search engine optimization or SEO (for its acronym in English) refers to the set of actions and guidelines applied to a site to increase your visibility in major search engines on the pages of organic search results (SERP).

  • Hosting & Domain

    A critical aspect to intends to compete in the Internet in the online stores and in a site for a business; is to ensure that your website offers a stable, fast and quality service.

  • Social Networks integration

    Thanks to the development of new technologies and services on the Internet, from a business point of view, social networks have become an important tool for social marketing for both SMEs and large companies.

  • Newsletter

    The newsletter service refers to the regular distribution of emails from companies or business subscribers to specific audiences.

  • Elegant web designs

    In we focus on the design of our care applications. The focus of the purpose to obtain the highest conversion for the audience it is aimed, like the best user experience.

  • CMS Aplications

    Based in a template we build your magazine, or blog, using WordPress CMS and We add all the functionalities that their Web Site needs.

  • Added into directories

    For any online business is essential to boost its presence in the network. Register with the major directories and a search engine is crucial to improve website visibility and be more accessible to the target audience to which it is addressed.